Scratch free composite boats!

Scratches that heal themselves!..but only once!,2933,509135,00.html


I don’t trust fox news

does the stuff float?
if fox news said it, it must be true (gag…)

Another solution where no problem
exists for paddlers with sound minds.

I bet…
I bet it has some other as of yet unknown drawback, like bird poop becomes permanently bonded to it, or something.

It won’t help on hulls…

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...where material is scratched OFF the surface. When material is removed, there is nothing to "heal". This sounds like it applies to only light, cosmetic scratching.

careful andy
In these forums, your subject line is almost like posting “free sex”.

At least I can tell the topic from his
subject line.

My thought was…
That it might be applicable to boats. Those that are fussy about scratches might be interested.


And what happens
after the scratches fuse over and

embed sand and grass clippings in

the hull? (Like needing penicillin

after “free sex,” I guess.)

you thought right!