Scratches on roto

Just bought a used roto kayak with lots of scratches & a liitle fading.

Is there anything I can do (body shop) or have them re paint it & refinish it?

Just thought I would ask. If it floats( and it does)thats OK with me.

But appearance wise it looks like Colombo’s car.


Poly scratches. If you paint the boat it will look nice for a little while, but all the future scratches will probably stand out in stark contrast.

Try washing the boat well and use some mild polishing compound from the auto store and maybe apply a marine paste wax.

Washing it and spraying on some 303 Aerospace Protectant is a quick but temporary fix that will make it look better if you don’t want to do the above.

Forget about it!
Get a fancy wood or carbon paddle and proceed to add to the scratches and dents in the boat. see if you can wear it all the way through.

This topic comes up every week
Please people, use the friggin’ search function before posting.

Go enjoy your boat.

Steel wool and some elbow grease…
Scrub firmly with steel wool…

Scratches gone!

The ugliness should be considered
theft deterrence and the scratches show it has been used as intended. No reason to worry with it, just paddle it until it no longer floats.


bnystrom, I have
forgotten that topic with my rant of: “I like winter better” (


Flame heated spoon to plastic kayak