bought a used Necky Manitou 2. They used it frequently and as a result…SCRATCHES! Should these be smoothed out with steel wool or something different? Or just left as war wounds? Plastic boat. Thanks! Notorious B-O-B

Just leave 'em

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Go out and add your own.

Candle-heated spoon for the worst of them, but otherwise, leave alone and enjoy.

Thanks for reply. And I just got finished adding my own thank you. Just finished the Blue River from Fredericksburg, IN to the Ohio River confluence in Leavenworth, IN. Will post trip report soon hopefully.

Scratches are…
Memories of paddling trips. Paddle on. VF

would steel wool help the situation?
or just make things worse?

I suspect make worse
I suspect steel wool would take a scratch and turn it into fuzzies, which probably add even more drag.

you are going to hang it on the wall …rub them out.

If, you are going to paddle it …leave them be and enjoy adding yours to the collection.

Paddlin’ on,


if they bother you
or you think they are slowing you down–then what you do is take a wide putty knife and a heat source like a hand held butane torch, hair dryer or in my case an electic paint remover torch and heat the hull just enough to soften it then go over it with the putty knife–about 3-4 inches at a time. It won’t get rid of all of them but it does make the hull smoother

–WARNING–be VERY CAREFULL not to heat the hull too much–just enough to soften it slightly–if you don’t think you can judge how much is too much leave it the way it is.