Screen house

While enjoying the Everglades Photo Trip Report (very nice pics guys) I noticed the screen house on the beach.

Our little friends in the everglades (noseems and similar) made me feel the need for one of those many times but the weight/size has always discouraged me. Anybody knows of a light/packable option?

This is the one we used on the Everglades trip. It was great to have, especially for preparing food. We used the 12’ x 12’ which packs to 11" x 30" (including poles). Pretty cool.


Cooke Custom Sewing
has a unique product - they add screens to their 10x10 and 15x15 nylon tarps and you pitch them just like a tarp. probably lighter than a unit with poles, and not free standing, but very packable and portable. Not cheap.


Check this out

Great concept but
packing that thing in a kayak through valley hatch covers could be a problem :wink:

Definitely an option NM


Comes in a couple of sizes, rolls up to the size of a grapefruit, weighs very little, easy to attatch to very small branches, works.

Variable Component Shelter
Hi Mario,

For our Wilderness Waterway trip, Vic and I used a Eureka Variable Component Shelter, which could be used with or without the no-see-um screen. It was very handy for cooking and relaxing away from our tent.

Here are some:

Are you planning a trip soon?

Hi Tracy
No extended trips anytime soon, just the usual unplanned weekends in the glades when the busy schedule allows it :wink:


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see any reason that won't fit into the large Valley would be easier I guess if you take it apart first :)

tough to fit in any boat, while still set up

the poles are only 28 or 30 inches long when broke down....most 2 piece paddles are around 46 or 48 inches broken down..and they will fit

Thanks Brent
Just what I’ve been looking for to take along in the old motor home or along when rustic camping.

Sure beats the octagonal screen house with all those poles neeting to be snapped into place.

Thanks also for the great trip pictures.

Even though we live in Michigan, the water here on the Thornapple is just now freezing over, but give it a couple weeks and it’ll be open. Anyone up for a paddle when that happens?