screen name not displaying

I don’t see a forum for questions about itself, so I’m posting here. Anybody know how to convince the boards to show my screen name (MarkH) instead of my email address? I had the screen name set up before I posted, but both my classified and this present post are showing my email address.

Perhaps you put your email in the “Username” block. Double click the avitar and edit your profile.

You probably got “hacked” by the Russians…
Welcome to the club.!


@Overstreet , thanks for mentioning that possibility. I tried editing my profile, but it seems there are two profiles: On the side of the site, I have a profile with my desired screen name already in place. On the side of the site, when I click on “Profile,” I go to the Activity page, not a Profile page; same thing when I click on my avatar; I don’t see a way to edit my profile on the side. You’re saying that, when you click your avatar, you are able to edit a profile at


Don’t know if it will work, but why not choose “Home,” then click the “Welcome -------” which will take you to your profile. Maybe editing it there will work?

It makes no sense, of course, but something weird is going on, at least with Windows OS. None of the assigned avatars are displayed today; only the photos chosen by some of the members. There’s just empty white space next to everyone who hasn’t chosen to upload a personal photo for I.D.

Yet when I look at the site on my iPad, all the avatars are there as well as the photos.

Thanks @Rookie but that didn’t work. That takes me to the same profile page that I’ve gotten to in other ways, with my screen name already set (as it has been since I registered) to “MarkH”. Luckily, the only email I gave the site is my annual, discardable email, and the year is almost over!

Sorry it didn’t work, Mark. You could always zap out an email to or and hope it can be fixed at their end.

Oh, I couldn’t edit mine either.

Thanks @Rookie. I emailed them, and sometime this morning Kevin at hooked me up, making “Mark_H” my screen name and making it show as the author of my forum posts. He had to change my chosen screen name of “MarkH” to “Mark_H” because somebody had already taken “MarkH.” To prevent confusion between me and MarkH, I just changed my screen name to “Mark_NYC” and verified that my change is reflected on forum posts. So from my point of view, the problem is solved. @Overstreet you might want to try again and see if it works for you, too. Thank you to Kevin and all involved.

@Mark_NYC. Glad you got the help you needed and the screen name you wanted.

The missing avatars on my Windows computers continues (but not on iOS). I miss those colorful funny faces on my big monitor; they brighten up the white background.