That is what an Aussie once told me that “gorp” was called in Australia.

My question is, is it true or was he pulling my leg? Might “scroggin” actually be a disgusting term referring to a portion of the human body?

And are there any other variations on the name gorp? What about the British Isles? (Cockneykayaker?) Is ther a French term? How about Canadian? Tonga?


When I was younger…

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.. When I was younger, we used to call others a "Gorp" as a joking put-down. A gorp to us, was someone who passed gas in the bath tub, and poked the bubbles with his nose.
.. What else could a "Gorp" mean now-a-days? :)
Happy Paddling!

I think your definition is correct.
I have a friend from Mississippi living out here

in California. He’s 51 years old and still refers to it as “scroggin”, but my understanding

is that it requires two people.

People out here just laugh and consider the source, thinking it must be Mississippi mentality.

happy paddlin


Forgot to mention,
he is full blooded Italian as well.

Lousyanna meaning of word
In Louisiana the word scroggin means having $ex, or at least it did to the group of hoodlums I hung with.

Up here in Michigan’s upper peninsula, scroggin means “gittin’ it on” also.

Yup, that’s what it is



New Zealand food high-energy snack: a mixture of dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, and other high-energy food eaten as a snack by hikers

[Mid-20th century. Origin unknown.]

At least I will only be offending the Bayou folks.


Thats the most fun that can be had with out clothes on. I’m a big fan of the Scroggin!



we ain’t so iggnerant that we ain’t a heard of sex afore. Why would scroggin O-fend us?



At least I will know enough to NOT offer you some scroggin at a lunch stop.


Or maybe…???

Misery! Thats ALL yer gettin outta me on THAT!


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