Scuffed keel on plastic kayak

Does anyone have a solution to the problem of scuffed keels on a plastic kayak? Is there a product which can be applied to absorb the abrasion? Gary P.

Ignore it and enjoy the experience
of not having to worry about scuffing it. That’s one of the great things about paddling a rotomolded kayak.

2nd that
Scuffs on a poly boat are no big deal (and unless you do more than stop dragging it: stop beaching it, stop brushing against rocks, etc. - you will have a scuffed keel).

I have a poly necky that I’ve used for over 5 seasons, treated normally, not abusively, and there is still plenty of material along the keel.

Scuffs show that you use it!

I’m droolin’ to own
a Necky! Are you a rudder or skeg “pilot”? When I finally drop the hammer on one, I’m thinking abut the Chatham 17. I’m 6/200, and looking forward to put on some scratches of my own. Consider them to be “badges of courage”, or whatever floats your 'yak!

my necky
Is an older looksha sport, and I’m not much impressed with the quality and toughness of the poly. Not a rudder fan either, but I like to keep it around because it takes a beating and it’s maneuverable enough to take it into shallow rivers.

I have heard that necky has much improved both their poly and glass boats though. The Chatham looks nice.

Amazingly simple solution
Ignore the scuffs. Your entire boat is made out of a scuff absorbing material.


Necky rec boat poly is pretty soft.