scupper hole question

I just recently purchased a kayak from a plastic recycler in my area. He sells kayaks that are scratched or dented at discounted prices. I got one home yesterday and noticed that one of the scupper holes either has had something shoved through it or wasn’t molded right in the factory. There are cracks in it that’s looks like water could get to the interior of the kayak. By interior I dint mean where I sit. I mean the actual empty air space. I was curious to whether this would even be an issue or not. If so would hurt to just completely fill the hole in with something like JB water weld? Thanks ahead of time!


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you probably bought it "as is" I would fix the crack first. Easy to test, take it to the water and submerge it, or if it has a hatch or drain plug fill the boat with water and see if it leaks

Go Ahead And Apply A Patch
It can’t hurt. Scuppers are,wear problems occur.

Or Marine Tex
I filled scupper holes with marine tex. I taped over the hole on the bottom of the hull and filled the hole from the top, remove tape when dry. Rough up the inside of the scupper with sandpaper first.

defintiely a problem if leaks, you can j

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Definitely a problem if it leaks into the interior of the kayaks.

If it is a slow leak, you can just drain after each use.

Sealing cracks is a better choice.

If the kayak has a hatch or other access to the inside, you could also install some floatation inside the hull to ensure that no matter how much water gets into it, the boat will still float.

scupper hole
Ok I filled the entire scupper hole with jb water weld. Works like a charm. Input it in a pool and messed around with it for a couple of hours. Stood it up with the drain open and only a maybe a cup full of water came out. Which is normal I believe. Thanks for the input guys!