Scupper hole question

I’m considering buying a Jackson Riviera; it does not have scupper holes. Would that be something that could be added by the dealer/outfitter who is selling it? Not a dealbreaker but I’d prefer to not sit in water.

A. Specialized work could cost more than kayak.
B. Dealer wouldn’t but you won’t know what your dealer would do unless you ask them.
C. Buy a kayak with the stuff you want. Not this.
D. Kayaking is a wet sport.

Scupper holes aren’t easy to add. NEVER hard of anyone adding it. They really need to be designed in to the mold to work.

If you don’t mind a wet ride from sitting in a little water, the lack of scupper holes would be fine. Truthfully, even boats with scupper holes are usually a wet ride, as the water gets there and takes a little bit before it will drain out of the scupper hole.

You can always carry a sponge and sponge out from time to time to make it drier.

Riviera. – In flat water you should be dry with only paddle drip. In rapids & waves your butt will get wet with or without holes.