Scupper holes for Perception Sundance

I have a Perception Sundance 12. At the bottom of the seat area, on each side of the seat, there is a place that looks like scupper holes, but of course the holes are not drilled through. Because this yak is so hard to drain when it gets turned over, I was wondering about the possibility of drilling those holes out and putting scupper plugs in them. It looks like one of the Ocean scupper plugs would fit fine. Then if I get water in it close to shore, I could just pull the plugs and let it self drain. Have any of you done that with a sit-in kayak? Is that just the wrong thing to do? Your opinions are welcome…

Drain plug
Why not put an after market drain plug in. That is more water tight.

Aftermarket plug for Sundance
Where would I find those? Would it screw in so it is a tighter fit?


After market drain plug
Where would you place the plug? Should I put it above the water line?