Scupper plugs purpose?

We recently added 3 SOT’s (for the grandkids) to our group of kayaks.

I have searched and read responses containing the words “scupper plugs” on, but failed to find an explanation as to their purpose.

Many, many of you have extensive paddling hours under your belts, so if you would kindly share your knowledge regarding their purpose, when to use or not, it would be greatly appreciated.


‘Michigan Nana’

to keep water from entering your cockpi

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cockpit, sorry ran out of room there.

In the colder weather.
people want to plug them to keep the water out, buttttt if you plug the holes just remember that any water coming over the sides is not going to flow back out.



Scuppers have a dual purpose.
The obvious one is to let water out because with just a little wave action or boat wake , SOT are a wet ride. The second purpose is to add rigidity to the hull.My Tarpon 160i has 8 scuppers and I plugged all but the ones under my feet.

They are also for your dog
A dog can slip all four legs legs through the scupper holes and paddle as well.

Don’t buy
expensive plugs from a dealer before checking out prices for rubber stoppers at the hardware store. I bought several stoppers, screw eyes, and parachute cord. (Actually, I always have some cord handy.) Drill the stoppers deep enough to thread in the eyes. Tether the plugs (short lines to avoid entanglement) to a convenient spot on the SOT. Use screw eyes big enough to grip when pulling plugs. Less than $10.00.


I liked that answer…hehehe

I used Minicell foam. Cut the pieces
a little bigger than the holes and force fitted them. Took 10 minutes for all 6.

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Good idea
I bet you could take the right size hole saw and knock them out of military surplus computer packing foam in under 5 minutes! They would probably withstand 20’ seas.


yellow, foam, practice golf balls;
six for $2 at WalMart. You force them down into the hole and they form a water-tight seal. When you wish to remove them, just continue to push them all the way down through the hole and out the bottom. They are highly visible and float so the removal can be done on the water. They are easy to recover. The only time I plug mine are when I go on an extended trip and have way too much gear so the boat rides low in the water. I never use them in anything other than flat water.

I can see it now - the “Dogyak!” NM

actually they don’t do anything at all for rigidity. scupper holes are already one of the stiffest parts of the hull due to their shape, and sticking a tapered plug in one won’t make no difference. i think the main reason to put them in is to prevent the initial stream of water up your buttcrack when you launch. and if you paddle in a calm lake with no waves, they may actually keep cocpit dry.

noodles work also