scupper plugs

I just bought one of the feelfree nomad SOT’s on ebay for playing around in a local river. I rented an ocean frenzy SOT last time and sat in water the whole ride down. Personally, I’d like a dry ride if possible. I’ve been looking around at and they have scupper plugs that fit ocean’s SOT and come in a variety of sizes. Only thing is, they don’t tell you what the sizes measure out to. Does anyone know what size would fit the nomad? Or do you have any ideas on making homemade scupper plugs. At $7 a pair, they seam to be quite pricey and I need 6. Thanks.

As k the folks at REI. …
…they probably know. Or perhaps an email to the manufacturer.

foam golf balls
i’ve read that a lot of people use foam golf balls. the kind you practice with. they use the string thru middle also. they just wear out if you take them in and out a lot. also heard of using a rubber crutch tip.

measuring plugs
I did the same as CM. I took a peice of paper first and rolled it up. Let it unroll in the hole till it fills the hole. Tape or hold the paper at that diameter, then hit the hardware store. This way you don’t need to buy or return extras. BTW, I liked these better than the factory ones. Cliff

I used a hole saw to cut some minicell plugs slightly larger than the scupper holes in my Ocean Kayak Sprinter, stuffed them in, they were watertight. I liked the dry ride so much I glued them in just to make sure they wouldn’t go anywhere, and they’ve been there for over two years now.

we save wine bottle corks.
they swell to different sizes when out of the bottle. some of them fit our necky spikes

Home Depot
I went to the Depot, and bought some caps for the legs of floor stools. 1 hole and a loop of twine later they work great. 4 in a pack, and it was about $2.50. I went a bit overboard, and filled the inside with caulk, but I didn’t need it…

Pipe Foam Insulation
Cut about a 2" long piece, roll it up tight and shove it in the holes. Buy a few pieces of differant diameters. Works great, is way cheap and disposable. Have fun!