SCUPPER PRO or disco

Hi have chance to sell my scupper pro if i do id buy a rtm disco,i like to do a bit of sea work and not sure if id gain by making the swap cheers Alan.

It depends on your weight. Over 200 and the scupper pro might be a lot better. If you are under 200 the Scupper pro is still and all around stable surfer and great in rough water boat.

The Disco is a little more maneuverable and has less windage.

I’m not certain you’ gain a lot from the change. I wouldn’t do it until you have paddled a Disco.

I’ve never
tried the Disco but two thing’s I am sure of.It’s not as good as the SPTW for fishing or storage space.I’d be interested in buying your SPTW depending on price,condition and location.

I Have Both…

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Use the SP for fishing and kayak camping. Have stored a week's worth of gear and water for Bosotn Harbor island camping. SP is kind of an all arounder. Has some rocker that it is maneuverable but more of a tracker (subjective to rider's skill/technique and how the boat is loaded). It sort of "surfs" but will broach at some point. Good enough to get you through a small break zone if you need to but not what I would want to spend a day playing in surf.

The Disco is definitely a day/play boat, especially if you're under a bout 175 lbs. You can add a hatch and store some supplies for a day's outing. This boat can surf. I can do surf this baby without broaching. Have actually been able to doing long looping turns with the disco on a decent waveface (3' plus).

With both, highly recommend thigh straps for better control (and for rolling if you know how).