Scupper Pro Side Handles

Does anyone ever add side carry handles? Is there some reason I shouldn’t? If there’s no reason not to, after determining the correct mounting point between bow to stern (CoG), is there a prefered mounting point along the gunnels? Since there are no recesses on the outside to make the handles low profile, I’m wondering if they would interfere with paddle strokes. Can they be mounted more inboard, assuming there’s room towards the cockpit?

I know the boat only weighs 55lbs, but in my limited experience they could be helpful.

As always…thanks

I Did…

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1" nylon straps, encased in 5/8" clear plastic tubing (available in hardware stores), located right at the balance point of the boat. It was easy for me to find the balance point since I also have thigh straps. My moving my grip along on one strap, it was easy to get to the point where the boat was balanced when held off the ground. Mark and drill at that point.

The handles really give a good hold so the boat does not get away when lifting onto the roof racks, especially when there is a wind blowing. Long ago, had that happened with a boat and it fell right on the side mirror. That was a $300 mistake.

It's not that the SP is particularly heavy. It's just unwieldy without the handles.


PS. I added the side strap grips to my Disco, even though this boat is lighter than the Scupper Pro. Just so much easier to lift onto the rack when one has a secure grip.

My Tarpon 160 has them but at 16’
and 65-1000 lbs,depending on the day,I never use them.

Inside the Cockpit
My Mars is the only OK boat that came with them, but I added them to the Frenzy and Scrambler.

Make sure they are inside the cockpit.

I only use them when I want to be really macho and carry overhead like a big surf board, so make sure to also add some neoprene padding, or it will kill your knuckles.

Many thanks guys. That answers it for me.


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handles are a must in my opinion. When lifting your yak up on a car rack, walking it down to the water, or turning it on it's side for a wash down by splashing, you'll be happy to have them. Easy way to find the center of balance is to get one of your straps centered and start will quickly find true center. The ones Ocean Kayak uses/sells are great..comfy and strong.