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I just bought one a few weeks ago for Yak fishing in Florida so I have a question for you other Scupper Pro Owners. Which seat do you use with yours? I’m a pretty wide guy but the bare seat fits like a glove once I get adjusted. However, I’d still like a little cushion under the ol tush. I was thinking about just buying on of those “hot seats” and a back band unless I can find a seat that’s narrow enough to not bunch up since the seat well is a bit restrictive. Plus the back part of the seat well is somewhat high so I’m concerned about using those seats with the built in bags and rod holders. If anyone has anyother SPTW advice I’d love to hear it…

Scupper Seat
I owned one for a good long time and tried every seat on the market. The most comfortable arrangement I found was using a Surf to Summit back band (hawaiian print is cool)and a seat pad I fashioned out of an old foam sleeping pad. I glued it 2 layers thick and it was the best thing I ever used.

The only commercially available seat I liked was by Seattle Sports. It had a seat pad that self inflated. Pretty comfy, but not as good as the foam seat.

seat 4 SPTW
I’ve used the OK comfort pro (gray w/tush pad and back support all in one) and like it but it’s probably too bulky for your already snug fit.

I have the Surf to Summit tall back fishing seat and it’s great. Excellent back support. Butt pad is effective but not bulky. Back pad is also effective and not bulky. It surprised me how thin it actually is. This SHOULD work and not affect your cockpit fit too much. The rod holders and pocket start just above the SPTW back deck and match up perfectly! BUT, make sure your PFD works with this tall back seat - they will definitely overlap. A Lotus “mildwater” (mesh back) PFD may solve this if necessary. Or a regular PFD may feel fine to you.

I, too fish Florida (Keys) from my trusty SPTW. Email if you’re in the neighborhood.

Surf to Summit Hi Tech
I use the regular size backrest (not the tall fishing one, which is good, too) and love it. The seat pad is very thin, yet very comfortable. The seat makes you feel comfortably wedged into the boat without raising you up so you don’t lose that rock solid stability.

Here’s a link with pics:

I fish Long Island Sound with my SPTW - great boat! I love mine - hope you enjoy yours. Tight lines.

Im going to use the deluxe high back that came with my Malibu eXtreme.Since i got the SPTW in January i havent had a chance to try it yet for an extended time on the water but it feels very comfortable and only takes a few seconds to re-adjust from one yak to the other.I’ll also use a self-inflating butt pad which i find is the key (air) to max comfort in any yak.The lakes in my area (Adirondaks)should be open in another week or two if the temps hold.Enjoy your new yak!Its one of the all time great SOT’s made.Good luck!

Because the seat is so deep, the backband provides fine back support as an extension of the back portion of the seatwell on my S-Pro TW.

I just make sure it’s cinched up nice & tight, and don’t lean back -I keep an upright posture, snugged in by the deep seat and the band, and I’m comfortable for hours. I find that the backband id low enough to allow me to reach around behincd me easily to access stuff in the backet I carry in the TW.

If you fit as well as you say, then just a little padding on the seat itself & a backband might work for you. I’m 6’0"-195, and with short legs (30" inseam) I’m long-waisted and maybe 6’4" tall from the hips up, so that may be why a backband works. OTOH, I, too, fit snugly, thank you very much, LOL!, and I have enough of a derriere that I don’t really need the padding on the seat.

Lot’s of SOTers -especially yakanglers -seem to perfer relatively tall, near wrap-around seats, and that may be good for you. But whatever you so, don’t elevate yourself too high, and consider a backband. You may find it a nice & confortable way to


-Frank in Miami

got on the water yesterday.Im happy to report the seat was very comfortable.I was out about 3.5 hrs without any discomfort.Got sucked into some real fast water which scared the crap outta me but the SP got me through it just fine.

got it out

I finnaly had time to put the SPTW out on some water! It was great. It was much faster than I thought, Much more agile than I thought, and way more stable than I thought…I mean I could really dig in without fear of tipping! As far as seating goes…I just have a peal-n-place stickyback “PADZ” butt pad on it. I was only out for an hour or so but it worked great. The black OK scupper plugs suck though, I’ll be using some duct-tape real soon! I’ll be looking into a nice back band too real soon!

Skip the plugs and duct tape
Get some foam practice golf balls from Walmart. They fit the Scuppers holes to a tee and prevent any inflow (or outflow) of water. I used that method all the time while paddling flatwater and never got a wet butt.

on the foam golf balls.Not a drop gets in with these and they fit both the seat and footwell scuppers.I think either the rubber back band or a cloth type will provide all the comfort you’ll need.The rubber type like OK has might be a little hot in Fla. though.