Scupper Pro vs. 15' Prowler

Any thoughts.

My Scupper Pro was stolen- I bought a used Necky Spike-12’. It’s not beefy enough.

I kayak in Narragansett Bay, RI off of Newport. It can get gnarly fast.

Any ideas on sit on tops that’ll work for me?

Thanks in advance.

I found a 15’ prowler in CL. I’d like to pull the trigger, but I learned my lesson buying the Necky.

Thanks, Bill

I rented a WS Threasher 140
And used it in Northern CA in some pretty big waves and surf, I was impressed. In my opinion it would be the equivalent of a 160 WS zephyr, with additional lateral stability. Fastest SOT I have ever been in. I am seeing a lot of these being used by rental companies on the west coast and in Florida, so they may be showing up used for sale from livery companies or on CL.

Ocean Kayak
If you had an Ocean and you are looking at another Ocean I think you would be looking at comparable quality. There are a number of reviews on this site for the Prowler. You could also look at the yak fishing sites to see what those people think.

You are correct - it gets interesting fast at times off the RI coast.

Lots of people use Hobies for coastal fishing.

Good luck with your choice.

Have older Prowler
in the 13’ length. Would handle “knarly” much better than that 12’ thing you have now. Assuming the 15’ could not be less stable, just harder to fit in the storage area and get on the rack to drive with. Oceans are sort of the tugboats of the kayaking world, while people are going “light” there is still a need for something that’s sturdy.

Condolences on the loss of your other boat. I don’t know why they don’t make that model now, or more simple long Prowlers without all the gimmickry on them, they would sell a LOT of them if they did because they are so much faster than their 10 and 12’ models.