Scupper Pro vs Sea Dart 14

I am deciding between a Scupper Pro and Sea Dart 14. I am use to paddling touring kayaks and want speed for a sit on top but I am going to be fishing from it often in open water several miles off shore and don’t want to get jerked loony toon style off my boat if I hook a 25 lbs mackerel. I like the open storage of the pro and can pick up a used on for $325. How ever there is a Sea Dart 14 with an above water line hole from shipping(easy fix)I can get for $250 both amazing deals.

Any one paddled both?

Have owned both
SD is faster and a decent tracker, SP more maneuverable. SP is very easy to remount if you happen to get dumped. I found the SP more fun to paddle.

I have a Sea Dart 14’ which I enjoy but
one negative is the placement of the scupper hole. It is on a rise at the front of the seat so if you get a bit of water in, you’re going to have a wet seat as it doesn’t drain back out. An unusual design from most SOT’s. It is very stable though but as the previous poster noted it takes a bit more to enter from the deeper water.

Just my 2 cents.

paddled both
Have 2 scupper pros that get a lot of attention in the summer and are great in the ocean. I liked the Sea Dart a lot too but just think for fishing the scupper pro is a better choice.


I have an old seadart .
It was a much faster paddler than the scupper pro. Not sure, have only seen pictures of the newer, “Seadart 14” The hull is not quite the same.

Both are probably good boats for fishing. The scupper pro is probably more stable for sitting around fishing. I would go with the Seadart but you can tell I am probably biased.