scupper pro = work out boat?

Decdided to take yum yum (my wife’s name for our yellow scupper pro) out this morning with an aquabound aluminum shaft fiberglass blade paddle and did the circuit around the lake.

the boat is amazingly nimble for a sit on top but what a workout! I was able to maintain speed but the price was that sweat was pouring off my body after only a couple of miles…did 5 miles in all.

Haven’t used a euro paddle in ages…very powerful to get up to fast speed and with the shorter boat. it ws a hoot to lean way over and turn on a quarter…I want to get thigh straps and roll it…:slight_smile:

My torso rotation (or lack thereof) seemed to be much more obvious with the SOT and I could tell immediately when I was doing it exactly right (about 10% of the time) as it was very efficient with minimal effort…the problem was that as soon as I realized that I was doing good and tried to analyze it I screwed up.

Another thing I did that really surprised me was that I put my thumb over the shaft with the rest of my fingers instead of circling it and this somehow produced a bit more of an angle at entry and increased my forward speed while decreasing my effort??? Does that make any sense? (dont recommend as you could lose your paddle easier but I was in very flat water today and reasonably close to shore)

Anyway…great workout, lots of fun…life is good…except now I have to get ready to go to work…blah.


It can be a little easier for your wrist to find a more neutral alignment with just hooked fingers - as you can flare them both ways (angle the shaft in your hand and still keep straight wrist) - instead of just flaring them open toward the outside (as most learn to do on EP/Wing catch).

GP’s more open grip probably has you conditioned to favor straighter wrists ( a good thing indeed). If so, you’d naturally want to open up your grip a bit to get a similar feel. Once you do that, you’re not using the thumb really - so tucking it, or leaving it loose as a prop for the push, makes sense.

Not sure how/if that would affect blade angle - but I’ve seen other GP users note that when they go back to EPs they find themselves canting a bit (like wing users retain some if not most of their wing stroke when they use a euro).

Regarding the workout potential of SOTs - I was in MUCH better shape, and a stronger/faster paddler - when I used to put in miles on my WS Tarpon.

I paddled one in Baja a couple of days, one of which covered 15 miles in whitecaps and leftover storm swells.

I could tell it was slower than my SINK, but it did the job very well and provided a great workout. This rental unit did not have thigh straps, either–I bet it’d be great with them added on.

Getting used to heavier or less efficient gear is good.

I used to use a graphite-and-glass paddle as my primary paddle. Later on I bought a heavier version of it (no graphite), thinking it would be my spare paddle. A light bulb went on over my head: “This paddle feels fine even though it is heavier. Why not save the expensive paddle for use on long trips where the weight savings makes a real difference?” So now I use the heavier paddle as my normal one…better to get used to the heavier weight and then appreciate the lighter one when necessary, than to curse the heavier one because I am used to the light one.

Thigh Straps make a huge difference
I’ve had a Scupper Pro for about 5 yrs. now and got thigh straps at the beginning of the second season of use. Made a huge difference in control for any kind of leaning…I suggested them to F. in Miami a few yrs. ago, but he blew me off. Too bad… I guess for him, ignorance was bliss… I thought it helped with my leg pumping as I paddled meaning I am able to direct those forces to the feet wells helping to propel the boat faster. Still, it’s a tank compared to my other boats, but on a HOT day, it can’t be beat…

will pick up thigh straps next weekend (29th) when I get down to FBO again.

I like the idea of using this boat for workouts but also it is a fun boat to paddle and you are right…can’t beat it for a hot day and relaxation. Might even put in a fishing rod holder!


thigh straps
are definately a good accessory to get. I used my SP with twin hatches for years. Fishing, camping, touring. It was a pig boat when loaded with camping gear but for fishing and snorkeling it was great. I don’t think I will EVER try camping/touring out of one again but ignorance is bliss. Comparing it to my new Q400 which is not even remotely comparable to a sleek touring boat, it feels effortless to paddle next to that old Scupper Pro.

And yes, get a fishing rod holder and fishing rod/reel. Cast behind you and pick up that paddle and start paddling as fast as you can while trolling a lure behind your boat. You will pick up lot’s of fish this way so you can exercise and catch dinner too.