scupper pro x-factor&extreme - SPEED

which of these kayaks is the fastest in your oppinion/experience? malibu x-factor, malibu extreme or ocean kayak scupper pro? these are the kayaks I’m currently looking at, mainly for freediving-spearfishing but I’m possibly going to use them on longer distances (10-12 miles or perhaps more) quite often, so speed is important.

Tarpon 160.
I don’t know about the others, but the T-160 can hold its’ own with most plastic SINKS.The T-160i would be great for your purposes.

Agree with String
T-160 makes easy work of 12 miles. Not so with many plastic SOT. I’ve done a single leg 28+ mile on a Tarpon. Many 15+ mile non-stop runs.

Scupper Pro second runner up for your uses. Might have some slight edge in surf zone.

I paddle in Europe…
and we don’t have all the US brands here unfortunately, I even have difficulties buying ocean kayaks or malibu kayaks… these are the two best brands I could find around here (in a neighbouring country actually) so I don’t have such wide range of options as you guys…

EU kayak options

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If I were you I'd look into composite SOTs. There are in EU options like the Ponant Top (bottom of page):

You should also seriously look at South African imports. They are the world leaders in SOT design and performance. Everything from recreational boats through racing surf skis. Mostly composite, but some have plastic too. Some comapanies make dedicates fishing/diving models.

If you are fit (free divers usually are) and have good balance, consider a surf ski. Fastest paddlecraft on the seas, and light. You don't need tons of gear to freedive, so why paddle a barge?

(See Dorado, Pelican, Skua [sit on version] and Raven models)

Also, "Custom Kayak", Fenn, and others for surf skis (and maybe some other SOT models), but I don't have links handy.