scupper question

does anyone have any experience with plugging scupper holes? I am having an issue with sitting too low in the water (6’5, 400#'s in a 600# cap malibu xfactor kayak) and water coming in. I ordered some plus yesterday, just wondering if anyone else has this problem or is it limited to us fatboys.

I have scupper plugs on my SOT
I generally leave them out when paddling rough water and put them in when paddling still water.

I like the deck to drain as fast as possible after running a ledge or taking a wave, but when I’m paddling a pond or lake, then I put in the scupper plugs for dryness. Still, you’re sitting 3" above the water. You’re not going to stay perfectly dry.

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SOT kayaking is a wet sport
The plugs help.

scupper plugs
I use them on my Ride 135, but I don’t really get that much water inside. I just like to stay as dry as possible. If I do leave my plugs out, I only get a small amount of water in anyway and it doesn’t get into my seat. Hurricane makes a SOT yal called a Phoenix. It has a collection system for getting water out. It only has one hole in the front and one in the tank well.

SOT Scupper Plugs
Back when I was paddling kayaks I owned an OK Scupper Pro and found it a pretty wet ride. I used those foam golf balls that they sell in Walmart. They worked like a charm, cheaper than the plugs sold specifically as “scupper plugs” and the drier ride was appreciated.

water in that boat?
Whoa! I tried jumping up and down on the Xfactor and couldn’t get water at the forward scuppers!!! Well, I’m a mere 300 pounds…

Pool noodles and a serrated steak knife…cut an angled plug bigger than the hole…jam it in. Leave a little extra to the top, so you can pull it out if you hit some big water.

I plugged all but 2 in my Tarpon.
My butt still gets wet with small waves.

Don’t think in Central Ohio the waves
get that big, other than boat wakes.

I make my scupper plugs
out of the proper size rubber stoppers. Just drill a hole and use a crochet hook to pull the cord through to make the removal loop. I back up the knot with a ss washer and melt the knot.

on the big darby
the other day, there was a couple of places where the water was moving along nicely. Also I was on Hoover reservoir and the wind picked up quite briskly to make some small whitecaps. I need to see where else water could be coming in at.

Not good to go out on a bad day
just for a test.


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yo dude yeah get rid of the extra weigh..then you problem be solved,,yes it the fat ones that are complaining..wonder how the sot yak holding up the weigh you carrying

wow outdoor, turn it into a fat joke, thats classy. The fact of the matter is that I bought the boat because of its 625 lb weight capacity to haul around my 400#'s. If me being that big offends you, maybe we can meet on the water and hash it out. I guarantee you I will win. Despite my size, I still kayak and backpack.

I bought some scupper plugs and I hope this will solve the issue.

Yo dude,
stick it where the sun don’t shine. Bigpapi is making the right moves, getting active. His politics suck big time (had to throw that in), but nothing wrong with how he goes about paddling and fishing. Being overweight is not a funny matter for the person who has the problem and comments like yours are not warranted, do more harm than good, and portray you as an arse.

well good morning wonder when the big fella going to speak up,sure thing when we meet in the middle of the lake the we can has out,who ever win buy the beer…glad hear from ya…im only skinny punk weigh only 105lb…hee have good day aye mate…may the current be with you…


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well yak..yak canfish (for yacanfishiette) well like you said stick where the sun shine..well my skinny ass is sooo tight couldnt get any light what so ever,,glad hear you spoken for..have good day at paddle

Current Issue
Losing weight, easier said then done, but the issue is how to deal with the problem at hand now, not about losing weight. I admire bigger people that don’t let their weight keep them from enjoying things that are typically associated with lighter people.


thanks capri
much love to you. I don’t let anything keep me from doing something i want. I am now trying to instill that attitude in my wife, she is not a little girl, but much smaller than me.