Sea anchor

I would like to get a sea anchor to counteract winddrift while resting or for any emergencies that may arise.

From what I can tell, there aren’t a whole lot of products out there. The only one I could find was the Paratech boat brake, a 24 inch sea anchor with adjustable size. Not cheap at $125 without anchor rode or tripline.

Is anyone using a sea anchor? What brand do you use? How big is it? How is it deployed and retrieved?

Thanks for your input!


like women
the sea anchor remains a total mystery to me

for a kayak you do nto need
a big one…

they are on ebay all the time…

Think of it this way.
It’s what you become if you get a big hole in your dry suit while you’re in the water. Or, um, what your boat becomes if it get’s a big hole in it and no flotation bags. Kind of like a water sock or parchute that anchors you’re boat in the water, against wind movement.

Paul S.

Gander Mountain
I saw a selection at Gander Mt. Started around 25 bucks. Again, you don’t need a big one.

Drift sock
I got a drift sock(sea anchor) from Cabelas a couple of years ago that works well for slowing the canoe’s drift when there’s a breeze. I think it cost around $30. Look in boating/fishing gear, not paddling gear.

Don’t use it where it could snag on
rocks or underwater branches, etc. I’ve heard it makes for a bad day.

Bought my sea ancor, drift chute, funnel
bag, whatever, for $9. Works well for slowing my kayak down when drift fishing. Don’t believe Academy has a store in your area, though.

how to rig drift sock?
do you just let the drift sock out the side and tie it off amidship or do you rig it somehow so it’s tied off towards the bow or stern? if the bow/stern option is how you did it, can you explain how that’s done?

reason is i’ve been thinking about adding an anchor on my kayak for small stream fishing so it has to be a bow/stern setup.

On my canoe, I fasten the sock bridle to the stern grab loop, and have a trip line (1/4" floating polypro) connected to the apex of the sock that runs forward where I can easily reach it. I use the trip line to pull the sock out of the water when I want to move.

I found that if I ran the trip line through a small block attached to the bow carrying handle, I could pull the sock completely out of the water without bringing the soggy mass inside the canoe.

don’t sea anchors have another name?
something exotic

something esoteric

can’t remember what it is


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