Sea canoeing

HELP!!! WE had planned to buy an inflatable canoe (Sevylor Colorado) but have been advised by a local dealer here on Crete (where we live) that they are “nothing but trouble” caused by the sun, salt and sand. If anyone has any experience with this, please help. Thanks!

One might ask them…
What exactly were they designed for? The Moon? Boreal forrest? I would investigate the relative quality of what you propose to buy versus the other alternatives. As with many things, you get what you pay for. Inflatables have their origins in life rafts do they not? Do Zodiac and Avon make an inflatable canoe? Just thinking out loud here. For your safety I would insist on multiple air chambers. FWIW I own a NRS River Otter fishing boat that is now about 15 years old, we beat the living heck out of it in sand,sun, but no salt while fishing in Montana and have never had to repair a single thing. Good Luck.

Sevylor Colorado
They’re okay. Depends on what you pay for them. I’ve seen them going from anywhere from $300 (good price) to $600 (way overprices).

Sand is not a friend to any inflatable/folding kayak. Don’t drag it on the sand (or any ground) and keep it out of the valves and you should be okay.

The sun will fade the material over time if you don’t use a protectant (though I don’t think 303 works on the sevylor nylon shell). Biggest problem in the sun is overinflation. The hot sun will expand the air in the chambers and potentially rupture them. You really need to keep an eye on this if you’re using an inflatable in the sun.

The Colorado is a fun little boat but not something I’d want to take into any open ocean. An Innova Helios would probably be a better option, if you want an inflatable.

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