Sea Chute/Drogue

I am looking into purchasing a sea chute or drogue. I know Boulter of Earth used to see the Driftstopper, but it doesn’t appear they are in business. Any ideas where to find something like this? It will become another tool to use (and in the unlikely event of staying out at sea overnight). Any ideas, recommendations or first hand experiences with drogues/chutes would be terrific.

Viking has one

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Try these sites〈=UK

fishing or marine
Many places that sell fishing or marine gear carry them. I got one at Cabelas, and saw them in the West Marine catalog.

Nice but ouch
Yeah I had tried the West Marine too, great product but ouch big price. Depends if you feel it is necessary I guess

How about $25?;jsessionid=EA4SKZKCDOPTJTQSNOISCOWOCJVZIIWE?id=cat21302&navAction=jump&navCount=1&parentId=cat21276&parentType=category&cmCat=MainCatcat21276

Is it needed
I suppose the operative question is whether or not a drogue is useful or worth bringing along. If I ever find myself using it in real conditions then I can only assume I made a bad judgment somewhere along the line.

Nice variety good prices Nice!! Thanks.

So far, I’ve used mine for fishing from the canoe when the breeze picks up. Works like a charm. I can see using it on the kayak when I want to take a lunch break on the water without drifting too far.

Drift anchor

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Any sporting goods store that sells boating equipment should have a drift anchor. I use the 24" one. Absolutely great when it's windy and you want to take a break. Perfect for fishing. Mine cost less than $15.00. If you live on the Gulf Coast try any Academy store.

I’ve wondered how they’d work
When the wind is blowing upstream, you could take a break and still make progress.



Which model and results?
Which model did you purchase. I assume that the smallest model would be adequater for a 19’ kayak.

How did you rig it on your boat and how has it worked?