Sea Cruiser p65

I think these folks in sweden have got a great looking line of kayaks.

Just curious of other users opinions? on the sea cruiser. anyone paddle one?

my older paddling buddy somehow scored a catalog, I had not heard of this brand before looks like a really cool comany from sweden.

any thoughts?

Great Value
I sold these kayaks for a while. Personally, I found the Points IMPOSSIBLE to beat for quality for the BUCK.

I sold some of the first ones coming to America, and I think the glass ones retailed for $1699 or something.

Anyway, I loved the responsive, easy to turn, straight-enough tracking hulls of these original 21-or-so inch-wide, 16’9" kayaks. They had almost ZERO initial stability, rocking side to side. Many felt the boat was tippy, but out in the ROUGH stuff they were nothing but PLEASURE for me (I like that “tippy” feel), and FIRMED right up in the secondary stability.

The ONLY, ONLY reason I sold the LAST of these fine boats and DIDN’T keep one for myself was that the depth of the cockpit was WAY too deep for me. Personally, my response to the rudder and skeg thingy is that its overkill, but if the foot pegs are solid I guess I wouldn’t care. Guess I’m a skeg guy…


Point 65N
Another dealer here, so I’m also biased, but I’ll echo what Eric wrote – good information and the Point 65N line continues to grow with some great additions and tweaks under Nigel’s guidance. I know several P-netters were at the ECC&KF in Charleston last spring and had a chance to look at and paddle the boats (although we didn’t have a Sea Cruiser then), and Nigel was sharing a few of the changes that were in the works at that time.

We’re in Virginia, which may be an option in the event there isn’t a closer dealer.

FYI, one of the reasons we went with Point 65 is the quality and value. They’re simply great boats for the money and there’s a solid organization behind the brand.

My .02 :slight_smile:


Virginia Sea Kayak Center

Thanks for all the tips and feedback, I have been reading/researching etc. It appears the company made some significant design changes around year 2000ish and changed thier molds. The older views of the boats were more rounded. The newer/current design looks as though they have hard chines on the top and bottom.

I am going to talk with some of the shops down here, I think this brand has some big potential in the Florida area, I fankly can believe they have series dealers here.

Positive Changes
Another Point 65 dealer here (and I thought I was the first). At this point, seems like there are more Point 65 dealers than customers, but that may change in a hurry.

The earlier Point 65 boats had some great attributes but were on the deep side and lacked things (like solid back support) that the average American consumer expects in a kayak. The newer Point 65 boats bear little resemblance to the previous in any respect. Cockpit depth is no longer an issue. And most models are available in kevlar/carbon versions. These boats have had a lot of positive reviews and are introducing two new models (a single and a tandem) next spring.

thanks for the info, lost of dealers, not the case in Florida or georgia.