Sea-Dog foot braces and CD kayaks

I recently got a new CD Pachena DX and it has the “old” CD sliding foot braces for the rudder. Yesterday I got the 2006 CD catalog in the mail and saw they are now putting the Sea-Dog braces in their fiberglass boats. The pic in the catalog made it appear that the rudder was now only toe controlled with the brace staying fixed, unlike the “old” braces on my new boat where the whole thing slides. I emailed them to ask how I can get a hold of a pair (maybe hoping for a free pair thrown in). Anyone have any comments, seems to me like the Sea-Dogs are a big improvement if they are indeed fixed with only the toe portion rotating to control the rudder.

CD used to offer Smart Track
footbraces as an upgrade. They stopped this year (offered only the standard). Now they are offering the Sea Dog. I got stuck with the standard footbraces on my boat. I keep them up close to the cockpit, enough so that I can use my feet only to move the rudder, and still keep my legs engaged with the thigh braces.

Sea-Dogs an upgrade?
I’ve looked at them online - what I could find anyway - and they don’t look like an upgrade really. They don’t appear to swivel or anything like that as far as I can tell.