Sea Dog Foot Braces?

Current Designs is using these braces and I’m wondering if anyone has an opinion on them yet.

They do look more comfortable and easier to adjust.

easy to adjust
and rock solid once set,

but not comfortable barefoot

ear shape; concentric plastic rings, bulging toward you in the middle

Thanks, I’ve seem them…
and they would be a direct swap but I haven’t tried them barefoot. I have no issue with adjusting the Yamahas. Maybe I’ll try some foam pads on them.

foot braces
We evaluated keepers, Yakima, Sea Dog and Smart Track for our pack canoe / open top kayaks.

The Aluminum trackerd Yakimas were heavy but well built but had a short throw, didn’t conform to our hull shape and the tracks seemed to be a n accident waiting for barefoot paddlers.

The Sea Dogs were heavy, with medium throw, didn’t conform to our hulls, and the large foot pad seemed to much. Then, there is the additional modification to rig them to be mounted bu methacrylic adhesive rather than through bolts.

Keepers were the lightest, plexused in and worked fine, but every now and again someone lost a peg and the throw was short. We had a short/medium/long jig to mount them.

We’ve settled on Smart track due to weight, conformability, long throw and easy adjustment.

Have used the,
Sea Dogs and did not like them, prefer the SmartTracks to the Sea Dogs and prefer the OZO to both of them. The OZO’s have much more surface area than both.


OZO web site
DO you have OZO contact info or web site? If it’s better we want to use it.

Try this ,

scroll down and you’ll see various steering systems with pros and cons of each. Eric might have some insight on the OZO’s since his Rapier 20 has them.

Valley put Sea dogs on the Rapier prototypes and first batch of boats shipped stateside and ended up scraping them for the OZO’s as many complained about the Sea Dog’s (including some on this site, check reviews for Rapier’s). I’ve used the SmartTracks on a QCC I had, tried the Sea Dogs on a Rapier and have the OZO’s on a Valley boat I have.

Hope this helps.


Sea Dog cons / pros
The Sea Dog braces are solid in construction, but like Eric and Steve, I’ve found that the lock-down mechanism can come undone, especially during reentries.

On the other hand, as an outfitter, I really appreciate that the braces aren’t prone to jamming from stones/sand, the way the Yakima braces do.

P&H has used the Sea Dogs on their poly boats, but now uses “twist-loc” footrests. The footbraces are connected to the locking mechanism, which locks down with a twist. Having tested these 5* training in the Cetus and now in my new Cap 161, I can tell you that they stay put and are very solid, as well as with a weight savings. You can see the braces on pg. 8 of the new P&H brochure:

–Mark Pecot (P&H Team)