Sea Eagle 285 FPB and Garmin Striker


I received a Garmin Striker 4 Portable Kit (portable fish finder) and was wondering if anyone here had any experience mounting it to a Sea Eagle 285 FPB (Frameless Pontoon Boat)?

FYI, the Garmin kit comes with a suction cup, I wonder if that works well on the pontoon tubes?

Pic of the Sea Eagle 285 FPB is attached.


Doubt the suction cup would work at all. Likely you’ll need to find a different way to attach.

That looks like a cool little boat! How stable is it? Do you still like and use it? Does it hold up well over the years. I like the looks of it.

Hi revice

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve checked this site :smile:

The 285fpb is a fine boat. I’ve used it 3 yrs now, with no maintenance issues (knocking head), just hose it down. It is quite stable, even for a large carcass like mine. I’m thinking of getting an electric motor for as the one issue I have with it is it doesn’t have a keel and can move around too much, even in a slight wind.

I was able to attach the garmin depth finder using skotty attachments (some they made special for my problem) which work really well.

Hope this helps…


Thanks, I’m saving my pennies now!

Mike might have your solution for a Scotty mount for the fish fishfinder. Mounting the transducer, you can go two ways. One is you can mount it off the transom with a bracket or you can make one to clamp to the motor mount on your boat. Alternatively you can buy a sea kayak type mount that goes over the side amidships. You might have to get creative. You also may be able to mount the transducer on the floor, and taking sounds right through the floor material.

I am facing some challenges in mounting one on an aluminum drift boat.

Hi ppine

I was able to mount the garmin striker to the side of my 285fpb using some customized scotty mounts
This is the garmin on the mount, some of which was customized by the scotty folks after some discussion about my setup

this is attached to the boat using these scotty accessories
Locking Combination Side/Deck Mount
Glue-On Mount Pad

Next time I’m out I’ll grab a pic of the setup


Hi ppine

I’m having trouble uploading the pic of my scotty/garmin setup. If you want to see it, maybe I pm the pic to you.


Thanks Mike. A drift boat has deep sides around 25 inches so kayak mounts do not reach the water. I will probably make a mount for the transducer that clamps to the transom and is easily removable.

Well I purchased the Sea Eagle 285fpb. It is everything they claim it is. It’s a fish catching machine. I bought a 34lbs. Thrust motor and added a bull nose rudder. I love the stability. I’m 6’4" and weigh 240 lbs. I can stand and move around no issues, even with chop on the water. I haven’t even taken out my big boat since I purchased this. I love it. Ordered the Scotty transducer holder. We’ll see how that works.

Here’s some pics.