Sea Eagle 285 or Chelan 155 solo?

Hello, new member from BC Canada here! I have the opportunity to buy a Sea Eagle 285 or Chelan 155 at a good price. It would be used tandem mostly ofc but how hard would it be for a bantamweight to pilot it solo in casual flatwater? I currently splash around in a tiny Airis Play, so moving slow and not tracking perfectly is something im pretty used to. I’m rarely in a hurry.


The Sea Eagle 385 is probably better for flat water as it will track better, but they both will work well. They are both comparable boats. I am not so brand loyal to Sea Eagle that I wouldn’t recommend something else. I went with the Explorer because it’s tougher, rated higher, and more versatile, even if I had to sacrifice a little speed and handling to make it happen. It was also a little cheaper so I was able to get the pro carbon package. Also, I’m pretty sure the Chelan does not come with paddles and a pump so the base price already being higher than the Sea Eagle will increase more than that. I didn’t know if price was a factor.