Sea Eagle 300x vs Aquaglide Klickitat 1

Hi all, New to this forum and to paddling in general had a question.

I’ve been out on a number of easy trips on lakes, ocean bays, and shallow rivers (class I maybe II)

I’m hooked and I’m getting tired of renting and am looking at my own boat. I’ve done a fair bit of research and narrowed it down to two boats I like that are in my budget (inflatables is the only real option for me at the moment). Problem is they are both pretty new models and I can’t find any real people reviews on them so I was hoping someone here had paddled either or both of the Sea Eagle 300x and/or the Aquaglide Klickitat 1. I’m looking for a reasonably versatile boat that I will mostly do WW rivers in and that will allow me to expand my experience in with out having to get a new boat ‘next week’

If any one can give me some real world experiences in either of these boats I would appreciate it.

Happy Paddling,

New Guy.

not ignoring you
The lack of response so far doesn’t mean we’re ignoring you, it’s just that few forum regulars use this type of boat, which is really more of a form of whitewater raft than true kayak. You might get more feedback on such models over at the folding kayak forums at, though there are fewer respondents over there and it might take a while. They also have sections for various manufacturers and you might find comments on these models or related types.

Have you looked at Innova models? They seem to be quite popular with people who like decent quality inflatables for white water, though my impression is that folks who regularly attempt anything over class 3 go with more robust and costly models than you are looking at, like Aire, NRS and Hyside.

Tributary Tomcat
is considered a real value for a whitewater inflatable kayak. (Sorry, I can’t address the two models you mention.) Tributary is AIRE’s line for those who don’t need “top of the line.” There is also a Tributray Strike that is designed to be a bit better in WW AND flat water if that will be more typical of your use – boatpeople from the previous post carries them I believe.

I was starting to wander if I had committed some sort of forum decorum violation.

Thank you for the response, I’ve check the sights you indicated and it looks like there might be some folks there that can give me some more insight.

Happy paddling!

Aquaglide Klickitat 1
Very similar story to yours; w/ my age & experience didn’t want to pay big $‘s for an Aire; my paddle partner’s bucket list involves stepping up to WW, sooooo. : He’s got a Maxxon 12’(a true pick up truck of a boat); I didn’t want to do “monkey see monkey do”; had to have a different toy; He lives in Al.(more access to big water), I live in Il. (access to only class 1-2 streams); I decided on the Klickitat for a few reasons: new product w/I my price range, could buy thru. REI (means for any reason I don’t like it I can return it); 37 lbs (I can tote it easily), hopefully more maneuverable (questionable?); Ran the Mulberry in Ar. this spring(class 1-3)- the craft performed well…although somewhat like a submarine (so the guys on the trip said); pluses: footrest; behind seat storage & rod holders, comfort, steering; minuses: the “hard bottom” feature- a keel looking ridge on the bottom &&& the flat water fin attachment can act like an actual keel; it can catch (but not grab) rocks in the shallows &in sideways maneuvers , through rapids you will “feel” the nudge of the “keel” effect (w/ some inflatables you can literally go perpendicular to rapid activity; relative small tube size of 10" means you’re likely to get/stay wet in “active” water…unless you’re really diminutive (I’m 6’5", 220);that means you must run w/ drains open; (some other brands allow you to set higher ‘n’ dryer); floating Asheville NC next week; will have stories; get back to me if I can help (stay w/ this site- they know their stuff and are kind to share)

Thank you for the information. I’ve found every one on this sight to be very helpful and I hope I can return the favor some time. :slight_smile:

If you like, I would love to here how your trip went in the new Klickitat. :slight_smile: I’m also a pretty big guy. 6’6 about 240 so it is nice to here it was reasonably comfortable for you.

Happy paddling.