Sea Eagle 330 (or 370)


Does anyone here have any experience with the Sea Eagle inflatables? There are many good reviews out there and so I just thought I’d check here to see if anyone has used these. A specific question I might have would be whether or not the 330 is roomy enough for 2 people. Thanks for any input.


Hi Keith
I actually own a Sea Eagle 370 and it is great. The hull is difficult to puncture, because it bounces off most sharp sticks and handles bumping into sharp rocks just fine. It tracks better than my two 8ft hard shell kayaks, because of its length and skegs. The hull on the 370 is good enough to have a dog on the boat without it puncturing.

I would recommend going to to get the pro package, which includes the higher back seats and it is about $100 cheaper than getting it anywhere else. It also includes two aluminum paddles, pump, 2 high back seats, boat, and carrying bag. All you need to buy extra are two life jackets.

The downside of the 330 and 370 is that they are slower than the hard shells and could be punctured by very sharp objects like needles and knives. They are made of virtually the same material as white water rafts to give you an idea of how strong they are. I would only recommend the 370 or higher models over the 330, because of hull strength and extra room.

I hope this helps,


I have the 330
I bought it for portability & storage. So far I have no complaints.

I’m not sure about the 330
but I just found locally a brand new in box 385 Fast Track Pro which I got for $600. Planning to store it in Lake Tahoe for when my family as well as my brother and sisters families vacation at my parents out there. We’ve been wanting an inflatable tandem for a while and the reviews I read fit the bill. It will have to wait until next summer for getting on the water and I’m almost inclined to give it a try here on the east coast.