Sea Eagle 330 or Sevylor Seablade - sea


I’m completely new to Kayaking and am looking to buy an inflatable kayak to use in the sea mainly though we’ll be using it in lakes aswell.

I’ve been doing quite a lot of research and have narrowed my search down to either the Sea Eagle 330 Pro or the Sevylor Seablade.

What are your thoughts on these two Kayaks and which would you recommend for the sea? Our budget is £300.


Neither of those two kayaks are suitable for the sea, except in very sheltered waters close to shore.

Recommend one?
Thanks for the reply.

Is there anything in the £300 range that anyone could recommend?

You’re in the UK
and not too far from my family in Plymouth. I don’t know anything about inflatable kayaks and can’t help you there, But it seems to me that poly sit-on-tops are very popular in that part of the world, for all sorts of purposes, along the coast and up-rivers. Still, stores like “Kayaks and Paddles” in Ivybridge and “Cornwall Canoes” in Newquay would be good places to ask about the suitability of inflatables vs. other kayaks for your intended paddling (whatever that actually is).

A new poly double (for example) will cost quite a bit more than the inflatable boats you mention, so you might also consider 2nd hand boats. I’m afraid that no longer living in the UK, I can’t suggest where you might find a listing of used kayaks for sale.

FYI. Most of the people participating in this forum are based in the States and Canada and their opinions might reflect particular N. American views on paddle sports. In the UK you might find a different set of paddling biases.

I live in the UK
I have a Sea Eagle 330 and I am happy with it. You can use it on the sea in calm conditions. I also use mine in the Thames and Blackwatere estuaries.

Advanced Elements?
Have you checked out any Advanced Elements inflatables? If not give those a look too.

another resource
There are a number of UK paddlers who are active in the forums on, a free site akin to this one that is specifically for users of folding and inflatable kayaks. Lots of good information on various models there,

Another more costly (but seaworthy) line of hybrid inflatable/folding kayaks is the Pakboat XT series.