Sea Eagle 330 v. Sevylor Colorado Canoe

I am looking for an entry level inflatable kayak to use primarily as a fishing platform on a wide variety of still and running waters. I’ve narrowed my search to these two models. Any thoughts about pros and cons of each will be most appreciated.

Senior H

Contact the boat people

I am in no way associated with that business. I have just gotten good information and advice from them, and would recommend contacting them to anyone interested in using an inflatable boat.

I don’t know that I’ve seen the Sevylor Colorado canoe, but all of the Sevylor inflatables I have seen were pool toys that had no place on a real river with all that unpredictable nature all over the place.

A friend of mine has some Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks, I think they are the 330’s. He likes them, and he’s a real honest-to-goodness paddler.

Given this extremely biased and ill-informed perspective, I’d go with the Sea Eagles. But first I’d contact The Boat People and see what they say. My guess is that you’ll want to wait a little, save a little more money, and get something much more durable.

I would also recommend contacting some river outfitters near you and see whether they have any Aire, Tributary, SOTAR, Avon, NRS, Innova or similar quality used inflatables from their fleet for sale. And keep an eye on eBay.

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