Sea Eagle...340X or 380X for Solo??

Hi everyone.

I’ve decided that I’ll probably be ordering a Sea Eagle inflatable for myself for next year. I’ve been looking at them for a while, and they were my first choice before some financial snafus hit that caused me to spend a lot less money on my first boat. But I’ve decided that I’m going to go ahead and get one as soon as I have the extra money.

I will be using it solo, so my question is…which is the better boat for solo use?? I see that both of them can be paddled solo…but which one is better suited for it? I will not be hauling a ton of gear with me. Basically just myself and a cooler with food and such in it. Possibly a backpack. I would guess never more than 100 total pounds of gear.

I myself weigh about 240 pounds. So I would venture to guess that the boat would never have more than 350 pounds or so total in it with me and the gear. Well, I might try to take my dog in it, so I guess more like 400 total pounds.

That’s well under the weight limit of both boats…so basically I just want to know which one is just the overall better choice for solo paddling…


I would humbly suggest…
trying out some other boats before you buy. Find an outfitter near you and see what you like best. If you loading that much into a boat, bring some gear and try it out with the gear. Sounds like a lot of weight to put into a boat. I know nothing about the boat your thinking of buying. But in my experience, inflatables have their limitations. Maybe it is the boat for you, but try others too

Gimp, go for the 380…the extra
length will come in handy. One of my paddler buddies has a SeaEagle and it has served him well for over 10 years on fast moving water on the upper Sacramento RIver. They are stout as hell, well made, damn good valves, and excellent backing from the company. I have paddled his and it tracks well, turns well (important in fast moving water), and can haul enough gear for a months trip. I had a Aire Lynx for a year and it too was made with high quality materials…but, did not track worth a darn. Use a 240 length paddle and you will be fine. When the water and weather turn real nasty, that SeaEagle will get you home safely…can’t even say that about my 15’ sit on top Prowler…let alone my sit insides.

Good comparisons here
on the 380.