Sea Eagle Deluxe vs Pro Package

Hi, Everyone. Great forum. I have a canoe, but have decided to give kayaking a try. I have narrowed my choice down to the Sea Eagle 385ft. I’ll be using it mostly on lakes and calm rivers, maybe class I or II rivers depending on how comfortable I feel paddling it. I will be paddling alone or with a friend (in the same boat).

The difficulty I am having is in choosing the deluxe package or the pro package ($200 more). Here are the advantages/disadvantages of each package as I see them now:

Deluxe package advantages:

  • Costs less
  • Seats sit higher so less chance of sitting in water

    Deluxe package disadvantages:
  • Seats require inflation
  • Less expensive (inferior?) paddles and no stern bags

    Pro package advantages:
  • Better paddles (?) and stern bags
  • Seats do not require inflation (better back support?)

    Pro package disadvantages:
  • More expensive
  • More likely to sit in water if water gets in the boat

    I don’t really need the stern bags so my choice comes down to the paddles and seats. Is the pro package enough of an improvement to justify a $200 increase in cost? Are the pro package, tall back seats more comfortable than the deluxe inflatable seats?

    What about the paddles? I know nothing about kayak paddles. The pro package has 8’ AB40 paddles and the deluxe package has 7’10 AB30’s. Not much of a length difference, but is there a weight difference or other aspects that make the AB40 a better paddle?

    Thanks in advance for you opinion.

Don’t expect an answer that you can use
From the majority here. You’ll be told sooner or later that you should paddle a rigid craft as inflatables suck.

My view is that the pro version is the better of the two however.

stern bags?
Are the stern bags for flotation or storage? if they are flotation bags, consider careful whether you need them or not. There must be some reason they have them.

Consider also buying the boat by itself and piecing things together yourself. The paddles are an area that stand out - I’ve heard (and agree with) people say that you can skimp and buy a used or lesser boat, but you should buy the best paddle you can afford. Not likely that a paddle that comes as part of a package will be the best out there.


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the "suck" comment from the first reply..ignorant poster. The 385 is a very decent inflatable and will serve you well, especially for travel and able to carry and able to carry much more gear than a sit on top or certainly sit inside yaks. Local dealer said it's a well supported product by the company.
Go with the standard package..does not appear to be much difference for the $200. Btw, I have seen these heavily discounted..check eBay too and happy paddling.

Also check these out..and available on eBay too...

For solo:

You misunderstood me
I do not say that this craft or other inflatables “suck” others on this board have said that in the past.

I am a great fan of inflatables for their storage and transportability at a reasonable cost.

I vote deluxe
I have the Innova Sunny and love it. Easy storage and transport. The Airs Sawtooth is also another possibility. Have never tried the 385 but is supposed to be faster then other sea eagles. I would go with the Deluxe over the Pro. From what I have heard the Deluxe seats are higher which can be a good thing as the kayak is 36 inches wide. It will give you easier paddle access to the water. It’s a long reach and having a higher seat will make it easier.

Take the $200 and put it towards a better paddle. You will want a long one. At least 240cm.

thanks for clarification!

Have fun
Sorry I don’t know much about Sea Eagle inflatables. I paddled Advanced Elements inflatable last year which was fun. This year I’m switching into a recreational hard shell yak.