Sea eagle fast track 465?

Close to buying a Sea Eagle Fast Track 465FT inflatable kayak. Purpose is for flat water paddling with family and for fishing and photography. Inflatable is a must for me. This is the 15 ft model.

No real hands on reviews out there (only for the 365FT).

Anyone paddle one? Any thoughts / opinions?


Have not paddled one. Remember
that if you’re out on your own, without much gear, the 15 may blow around like a leaf. I guess you might want more boat for family reasons.

Sea Eagle 465FT
Good point. I would definitely use with family, otherwise would look at other options, like Advanced Elements or shorter FastTrack.

Anyone have any experience with the 465FT?

consider one of the packable canoes
For paddling I’ve only used the cheap sevylor canoes. Having messed around with various inflatables they wouldn’t be my first choice for human power as the flexing absorbs precious energy. I’d consider one of the skin on frame packable canoes. Like these

Second vote for Pakboat
Look at the Pakboats, just for the heck of it. Combination inflatable and reinforced aluminum folding frame. We have one of their kayaks which use the same structure as their canoes. Terrific boats you can take anywhere, ultra light and easy to set up in less than 30 minutes. Know a guy who uses them for guided fishing trips in rough Alaskan rivers. You can get them with a removeable kayak like deck, too. You can find videos on YouTube of Pakboats.

Their 15 footer is the same weight and capacity as the Sea Eagle-- yeah, costs $500 to $600 more BUT it has much more room for gear and I think you’d find it faster and more maneuverable in open water even for solo paddling.

Great tips, thanks. I will check out pakboats

thumbs up on the Pakboat. Had the Puffin 12’ and regret ever selling it. Took it to Mexico where the surf beat me and the Puffin…we both made it without incident…lol. I used it as my “take anywhere” kayak and took it down some fast rivers, rocky areas, and hit a few submerged rocks/logs and the Pakboat came through like a champ. If you get one, they are easy to assemble…just spray the aluminum rods down with silicone and they slide right into place.

doesn’t have the weight capacity?

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The OP is looking for a family boat. According to the Pakboat site:

only puffin model that seats two is saranac & has 400lb weight limit. May not sound meet OP's stated needs? (unless the family does not include kids). I think the 465ft load capacity is almost 800 lbs & is designed to seat three and can take 4 if the center seat is removed and 2 small children go there.

I see they also have a non-Puffin kayak called the Xt-16 and also "PakCanoes" that have more workable load capacities (around 650-750lbs) but still only seat two max. They are also double the price and still seat no more than two. And of course canoes are a different paddling experience no seats/require kneeling (might be a different family-related difficulty there).