Sea Eagle over a modest vertical drop?

I’d like to take my kids along on a river trip I’ve been on. The kids would be in a 2-person Sea Eagle (inflatable). Their inflatable has done great on previous trips with plenty of rock scrapes and minor (class 2) rapids. But this section has a couple of spots that involve a modest drop over a vertical ledge, dropping about 24-30 inches. In general the Sea Eagle is a pretty rigid structure for an inflatable, but I wonder if anyone has any experience to indicate whether I should be concerned about the boat bending in the center as it goes over the drop and the bow and stern are supported but the center is not.

I’m sure the boat would ultimately be fine even if it did bend in the middle, but I’m wondering if it would introduce instability that might put one of the kids in the water.

Do It Yourself First, If Inclined…
Some folks can’t handle a 2’ plus drop in a rigid kayak, never mind an inflatable kayak with 2 kids along for the ride.

Without company and backup, it would be tough to retrieve two kids if all of you end up in the water.


assuming your not running a dam

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or other man-made obstruction and the water is less than three feet deep at the ledge's base, then you should be okay. I say put on your pfds and go for it. Sea Eagle should be fine. Go have some fun.

I think we’ll be okay.
I’ll be in a rigid kayak, and we’ll have a second one along, too. I’ve been over this particular drop a few times, so I’m confident my kids can handle it pretty easily as long as the boat doesn’t fold.