SEA EAGLE Paddle ski 395 swivel seat

I have a Paddle Ski 395 by Sea Eagle. Does anyone have pictures or plans of how to put in or build a swivel seat with a base that can fit on the 395? I want to use it for fishing, but don’t want to pay their huge price. I can get the swivel seat at Cabellos and build a base for it. The base part is what I need help on.

Just deleted a suggestion because I
need to go to the Sea Eagle site to see what you’re paddling.

Just looked at the boat on their site,
and the seat. If I had to build a seat base from scratch, I would probably use minicell foam panels, perhaps stiffened with a marine plywood top.

But when I saw what they are offering by way of a swivel seat, for $199, I found myself wondering if you could really beat that price by much, especially if you add in your own labor.

Hope I’m looking at the same thing you are.

sea EAGLE Paddle ski 395 swivel seat
I am paddling the Paddle Ski 395.