Sea Eagle Paddles AB30 vs AB40

Can someone help me decide between Sea Eagle’s 4 piece AB30 paddle vs their 2 piece AB40 paddle? Let’s assume they’re the same price and that travel friendliness is important. Is there any benefit to the 2 piece AB40 that makes it a better choice than the 4 piece AB30 paddle and therefore worth the fact that the AB40 is only 2 pieces? I’m 6’ tall and and my Sea Eagle kayak is 34" wide and the 4 piece AB30 is 7’10" long and the 2 piece AB40 is 8’ long. Any opinions would be helpful.

The motor
A longer paddle “usually” weighs more and since it is

a highly repetitive motion, weight plays a role.

Storage in a “package” may necessitate shorter paddles.

AB 30 vs AB 40
The AB 40 is a 4 piece paddle.