Sea Eagle: Standard or Fishing Kayaks?

So I’m leaning towards getting a Sea Eagle Kayak. I plan on using it for fishing. That narrowed my choices down to :

Sea Eagle 350fx Fishing Explorer
Sea Eagle 385fta

Both seem ok, with similar specs. The 350fx being slightly higher on the sides. So I was told. But prices for each are $$$. Especially for something I don’t like the looks of.

I was looking the Sea Eagle website at the other “kayaks”. Would any of the non-fishing models
be better for my needs?

Sea Eagle Travel Canoe 16
Sea Eagle 330
Sea Eagle 370
Sea Eagle 385ft
Sea Eagle 465ft
Sea Eagle 380x Explorer
Sea Eagle 420x Explorer

Could I outfit any of these for fishing for less than $1000 ?
IE: kayak, paddle(s), seat(s), pump, rod storage, dry bags, PFD, etc?

I got a Sea Eagle 370 and personally found it uncomfortable for longer days, and wanted something that sat a little higher. I decided to go with a traditional canoe instead of either fishing model as I knew I’d be comfortable in it. I would of loved trying one of the fishing models before buying, but didn’t know anyone who had one.