Sea Eagle vs. Innova

I am comparing inflatable kayaks, and looking for a tandem that can be used solo, and has good tracking, and is no more than $1200. I am interested in the Sea Eagle PaddleSki 395 and the Innova Sunny. Please let me know what you all think of each one, and which one might be better, especially for carrying gear overnight, and good tracking.

“Product Reviews” on the left side of…
this page has user reviews of both the Sunny and the two sizes of Paddleskis. Sea Eagle sells refurbished

boats, by the way-check their website. Happy boating!

Also Check
Also check out the Sevylor River X double…I have the single and it has been very durable…

inflatable sea eagle v. innova
I own both and the innova solar II, sold by is my favorite. I bought the sea eagle paddleski first, the smaller one, not the 439. Kind of slow and cumbersome to inflate. I have the five in one package and do like how it sails. The rowing sliding seat is also neat.

However, for ease of transport, small packing, lighter weight, etc. the solar II by innova suits me best.

I have both a Sea Eagle and a Sunny
I own a Sea Eagle 380x which is a little different than a Paddleski, and an Innova Sunny. I think the Sunny will track better, go faster, and be a better boat for the money than a Sea Eagle, even when solo.

However you also mention you want to go overnight camping. The Sea Eagles have a higher capacity, but mainly because of the bigger tubes which will slow you down. If you are paddling solo, the Sunny should be fine for an overnight trip, but I’m not sure how two people would do.

My wife likes the Sea eagle because it is wider and more stable, but anytime I go anywhere I’ll take an Innova Kayak, which is faster to setup and more enjoyable to paddle on the water.


no more than $1200 ???
So why not to use “Schuka”? If you need an inflatable that seats 2, but can be used solo, “Schuka-2” will only cost you $ 395. And for $ 470 you can get “Schuka-3”: it seats 3, but also can be used solo in quiet water. Those prices are from their site ( I know a couple of people who got those “Schukas” and they are pretty happy with this boat.

… and my own experience.
… I did not mention my own experience: I have “Schuka-3” and can use it either with 2-3 friends, or even with my 5 y.o. daughter (in this case it is like paddling solo).

…This is the second mention I’ve seen on Pnet about this line, and their website makes them look interesting indeed. A couple of questions:

  1. What is the prominent hump on the front about?

    Looks like there may be bows holding the cover up.
  2. Can you compare it to any hard kayaks or canoes

    you’ve paddled? Especially in terms of wind and

  3. Does it use standard airpumps, such as used on

    Sea Eagle, etc., or does it require a special pump

    or fittings?