Sea kayak advice needed

Hi all, I am looking for a sea kayak that I can use off the coast of Maine and in the local lakes and rivers and could use some suggestions.

I am a 5 foot 9 inch guy who weighs in at 185. I actually have my eye on a Prijon boat. I like the durability of a plastic boat for the rocky coasts around here and the rigidity they offer. I tested a Seayak and a Touryak. I found the Touryak to be too wide and have too much deck height. The Seayak fit really nice and felt really comfortable. I also had my eye on a Motion but no dealer around me has one to try.

Now to make my life more interesting I was offered a like new, used Seayak with rudder, spray skirt and paddle for $800. Sounds like a really sweet deal but I am wondering if I should hold out to try a Motion or jump on the Seayak.

Opinions please! Or if you have any other suggestions of other boats I should at please do tell.

Thanks in advance.

buy it
If you like the boat buy it. sell it if you find something you like better.

Buy the Seayak.
Know that Prijons, and I have owned them all, are rudder dependent in wind. The Seayak is no exception. But you sure are right about durability and plastic quaility. $800 for the package you mention sounds like a very sweet deal, and as stated above, you can always resell for same price someday. The Motion is shorter, slightly wider, and does not have the upswept bow of the Seayak; it would not be as good for ocean as the Seayak. G’luck.

If I’m Not Mistaken
The Seayak maxes out at 400 pounds or so. If you aren’t going to be camping that’s a lot of boat sticking out of the water. If most of your paddling is day trips, I’d recommend lower volume. Rent, borrow, demo kayaks on windy days and see how they behave at different angles to the wind.

I got a used WS Tempest 165 …
a few months ago at less than half the new price and I love it. Important thing is that if you don’t like a boat that you bought cheap you can resell it with little or no loss (or maybe even at a profit!). New boats depreciate very quickly. Good luck – maybe I’ll see you at MDI in September.