Sea kayak and fishing for cod

I spend summers in SW Newfoundland, mostly because there’s 200 miles of undeveloped coast to paddle along. The food fishery starts July 25. You can take up to 5 cod a day. These are big fish, 5 pounds and up. Any suggestions for how to do this from a sea kayak?



Very stable boat
I have caught cod from a bigger fishing boat before. Like you saiud, they can be heavy, so you’ll want a bigger rod/reel. Something with a parabolic shape is better in a boat so it will bend as you bring the fish to you. With a fish that size you can’t just lean over and pick it up, so you’ll need either a net or a set of grippers to grab it’s mouth. I would also suggest a paddle leash for when you’ve got both hands on the rod pulling in all the fish you’ll be catching. I normally don’t like rudders, but when both hands are busy it’s nice having SOME sort of hands free control. And as for a boat, i would personally want to go as stable and reliable as possible, maybe even a tandem, one person paddle and one fish at a time, or the second person can help land the fish.

My fish story
So I got a drop line, cut up some mackerel, piled it all under the bungies in front of the spray skirt, put the kayak, (Impex Currituck) into the water in the calm harbor and paddled out to the first buoy where, according to the locals, is the nearest place cod hang out. Unfortunately, the swell and chop required both hands on the paddle so the bait went to feed the seagulls. However, I did go out the next day in a dory and 4 of us caught the limit of 15 fish: 7 cod, 7 flounder and 1 redfish.