Sea Kayak backrest

Looking for help with upgrading my backrest on my sea Kayak. My Kayak is a 01’ Perception Eclipse and the backrest is a hard shell with padding that fits in a groove in the rear of my preformed seat. The seat I imagine would stay but, the backrest has to go! When rolling, entering or exiting the backrest dislodges itself from it’s groove. Is there any company’s that deal with seat systems upgrades.


IR, Snap Dragon,Bomber Gear
to name a few.

Bomber Gear
Out of business, but their backbands can be found on EBay at times. IR’s backband has nice adjustment options. Don’t know SnapDragon’s backbands well, but their skirts are great so I’d figure they do a good job on the other.

Local Kayak Shop
should have something in stock to cure your ails. Close friend just had one installed in her CLC.


3 different height backbands made for Impex kayaks by Immersion Research. Simple retrofit kit. $50 and your comfy.

See you on the water,


the two best…
are the ir reggie and the nsi anatomical whitewater (not the touring one which is just too darn high.)

i own and can recommend both, with the slight edge to the nsi for the lumbar adjuster.

another option is to diy a minicell one glueing it right to the rear of the cockpit.