sea kayak div

What kayak recommendations for someone interested in competing in races in the sea kayak divisions.

Im currently paddling a old dagger aspostle 17 by 23.5 71 lbs looking for faster lighter boat.Im 204lbs 6ft 1in 34 waist. Maybe FSK did around 13 races this year fell in love with it. But I need a lighter faster boat I`m working on the engine(lol)Thanks Mike

fast seakayak
epic 18x or Endurance

great fast boats or a V-8

Qcc 700!
I own an Apostle and a Qcc 700. Though I don’t feel the Apostle is a slug it is quite a bit slower than a 700. When the Apostle has hit the speed wall the Q700 just keeps going faster. That is if the engine has the HP!

second the epic 18x
They are also serious gear haulers. Two fellow (surfski) racers paddle their 18x’s from Seattle to alaska last summer.


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No personal experience but I here Stellar S18R is a fast kayak. Plus reasonably priced.