sea kayak down east maine??

Looking for trip info from anyone who has paddled the “Bold Coast”. . We plan to take a few days and paddle from Milbridge to Roque Bluffs camping on islands listed as available from the Maine Island trail guide.(we are members and have paddled much of the trail below this area) We’d just like to get some feedback from folks who have done it esp. regarding paddling around Cape Split and going thru Moosebec Reach. Thanks!

paddling maine
Excellent paddling location. I have paddled that area. Roque area is beautiful - beautiful shoreline along the out side of Great Spruce Island. Respect the Roque Isl land owner and beach restrictions. Great Wass area is beautiful - Explore the island son both sides of Great Wass. Why go through Moosabec reach if you can go around the head. Crumple is beautiful. Stop at the Sands. You will not get to the Bold Coast if you stop at Roque. Bold coast is beyond Cutler.