Sea Kayak for 6' 5" (190 lb.) guy

I’m a beginning/intermediate kayaker with a 36" inseam and have been to three stores looking for a “nice” new kayak, but I’m having problems w/ initial leg entry. I’m looking to improve to the intermediate lvl and want a kayak with ret. skeg, day hatch, and good lower back support for day/ weekend touring.

I like the specs on:

Eddyline Fathom

P&H Capella 169

Impex Assateague

Seda Ikkuma

Any advice or suggestions?

Consider also the…
Tempest 170, available in composite or plastic.

Good luck to ya.


i’m your height

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and leg length. size 13 feet. there are plenty of kayaks we fit in, but less that are comfortable for the long haul. i can paddle many tight kayaks for a while but there are less, that i'd like to tour in.

i have an Impex Ass, and it's a brilliant boat. great fit and positive thigh contact for aggressive edging, rolling, etc. it holds a tonne o gear. few complaints about the boat, but it does have a highish rear coaming. less of an issue for tall slim guys, than really thick guys, in terms of flexibility. you will fit into the other boats mentioned but i doubt you be comfortable.

other boats to consider are the Gulfstream/Sirocco, very fun, great skills boat, forgiving, Explorer HV which accommodates our leg length well. look forward to trying the new Seda boat at the Symposium, it is brand new, never seen one. good luck!

sea kayak for 6’5’’ guy
I am a little bias here as I have the Eddyline Fathom, and it is a great boat. I don’t think you would ever out grow it.

I am 5’ 8" 160lb

If you don’t have a problem with the size of the key hole cockpit it should have plenty of leg room as I have the foot pegs almost at the shortest adjustment.

You definately want to try several kayaks before you buy.


big guy
Are you able to sit in a Hurricane Tracer or test paddle one. My husband has a 35.5 inch inseam with size 13 feet and really loves his. He’s thinking about padding out the bulkhead and taking out the footbraces like several instructors we know have. That way his feet can relax in a more natural position. Tracer is still only $1500 and 45 lbs. We are pretty big fans of Trylon having now owned five Hurricanes.

Tracer vs Assateague
Just saw a Tracer for the first time… Very reasonably priced, $1000 dollars less than other Thermoforms! Wish it had a day hatch, but it does have a skeg and weighs only 46 lbs. I’ll try it out next week!

They also have a 2003 display model glass Assateague for $1999. Seems like a great deal also.

Prijon Kodiak

Also look at the Seda Vicking Max.
I’ve paddled, 15 minute demo, the Seda Viking Max. I’m 6-4 and 250. And for me it had a huge amount of leg and knee room. It doesn’t have a skeg, and is a little wider than the Ikkuma. If you are having issues with leg cramps, and not being able to stretch out your knees under the deck, this is the boat to take for a test spin.


Tall guy = Force 5
Along with the Impex Assateague try the Impex Force 5 as well. Comfy fit for the legs. Different boat from the Assateague though. It’s what I regularly paddle (yeah foot room!)

See you on the water,