Sea Kayak in Cancun

I’m in Cancun for a few days on vacation, and I’m feeling the need to get out on the water in a sea kayak. I was thinking about paddling in the inland waterway between the Cancun peninsula and the mainland. Does anyone have a recommendation as to where I might rent a boat (staying on the peninsula south of the main strip)? It sure would be nice to get a rolling session in without donning the drysuit and hood necessary for Lake Michigan this time of year! Even if a true sea kayak isn’t available, I’d be happy to paddle a rec boat around for a little conditioning. Thanks for any advice!

You want to go paddling…
…when you can hang out at Carlos’n Charlie’s all day?

Not a bad idea - Charlies it is (great fish tacos by the way)!

You may only find sit-on-tops available. When we were in Cozumel they were the only kayaks available - so we snorkeled and took scuba lessons…

Watch out
For those gators in the Lagoon!