sea kayak..light and fast?

I would like to purchase a kayak that is faster and not too heavy for a woman to manage. I have two Hobie Mirage on the Sea of Cortez and would like another model that someone might suggest... for easier control as well as having more speed. These are good sit on tops for short distances..but I would like something more sleek and easier to handle..doesn't have to be a sit on top, for longer trips.

This is the third time in 2 days…
…I’ve suggested the Prijon Catalina!

No, I do not nor have I ever worked for Prijon.

It is not clear what you want
If you are serious about what you said, then a QCC 600x in carbon kevlar is perfect. Or if you are quite small go for the Q10x. Both are light, small enough, fast, and maneuverable. But I suspect you are not looking for a real sea kayak. In which case rroberts’ recommondation is right on.

Go up to Aqua Adventures in San Diego
and demo. You may like the Kajaksport Viking. But lots of other boats to try.

I just bought
a Necky Eliza. I’m finding it to be very easy to maneuver for a 5’1" 120 lb. person.

Why not a seriously fast sit-on-top?

If that’s too much money, this might be aa option:

Poly or Composite Eliza?
Did you buy the Poly or the Composite version of the Eliza?

NDK Romany
The original 16 foot model— not the explorer I paddled one the other day when a woman I know let me borrow hers—I was very impressed