sea kayak on the st croix in spring

would it be alright on may long, on the st croix river in a sea kayak, as far as rocks and other hazards? I’m geusing the river will really be moving then.



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You should be fine. I have paddled all summer long on the river. My kayak is plastic so I dont mind the rocks and there arent many anyway.

St Croix

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It really depends on what section you're on as to how much rocks and such you have to deal with. Also the flow on any given section can vary from day to day.

I'm mainly familiar with the section from 4-5 miles above Taylor's Falls (MN) to 4-5 miles below Osceola (WI). If the flow at TF is 1500 cfs or better there's really no problems in that area.

as a starting point on may long weekend. this will be my first time starting here I usually just put in at the last dam on the canadian side and paddle down to the beach just before the border crossing. I have only done it in mid summer though in a ww boat.



You guys just dont get it
There are TWO St. Croix rivers.

We have been through this already!

Maine and Michigan are not the same!

Please specify which one you need info on, original poster!

There is one that borders Minnesota and Wisconsin too!


Any other rivers that can be easily confused?

one that borders Minnesota and Wisconsin
Which is the one to which I refer above…

sea kayaking on St. Croix, Maine
Here’s my experience with that.

Nice story
But you didn’t go on the river though? Spednic Lake(Called East Grand by the locals on the American side) is the head water of the St. Croix–I haven’t paddled the lake much but have done the St. Croix from Vanceboro to Loon Bay three times in a canoe–never in a kayak but I’m sure that you could quite easily–assuming that there was enough water being released from the dam at Vanceboro(check the local pulp mill–Domtar these days–used to be Georgia Pacific)and be sure to scout Big Falls(class 3+ drop) before running it.

Machias River
One in Washington County–flows into the ocean at Machias and one in Aroostook County flows into the Aroostook River in Ashland. Both are good trips.

yes Maine
sorry for the there much as far as big falls, class 3type stuff?I’d to love have as much info as I can before setting out.

thanks paddlers.


the st croix

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between vanceboro and loon bay is basically easy class 1 and class 2 rapids with the more difficult larger rapid at Big Falls--all of these can be run in a sea kayak with sufficient rocker like a T-170 or T-165---I would suggest a Rotomolded plastic boat rather than a FG or kevelar because you will hit some rocks--check the water level by calling the Domtar mill--they control the dam at Vanceboro--I would also recommend wearing a helmet if you are doing it in a kayak---the rocks are quite hard---below loon bay there is some class 4 stuff but I've never gone down that far. For a shuttle back to Vanceboro, you can call Sunrise County Canoe Guides---they are in the book. The trip to loon bay is roughly two days. The canadian side has better campsites but you should go through customs both starting and going back---they didn't use to enforce this much and generally both countries turned a blind eye to camping on either side of the river---I wouldn't try it after 911. you can get a complete detailed description of the Trip in the AMC New England Canoe Guide.

that sounds great.I’ll probably use my plastic t17 thanks very much for the helpfull info.