Sea Kayak Recommendations...

I am looking to purchase a good used kevlar or fiberglass sea kayak, in the 17’ length or longer. I weigh 200 lbs and am 6’-0" tall, and would like some recommendations on makes and models for my size. I have been using a 17’ Dagger Latitude for a year now, but I want a faster boat with 3 dry hatches for multi day trips. Thanks for the help!

Nordcapp from VCP
She is very fast, kind of tippy but goes like hell.

Gulf stream is a little slower but a nice boat.

Both come in Kevlar.

Finding a used one will be a matter of luck.

Hi iflatpick2
I love my QCC 700. Fast, carries the world (I too kayak camp), rides waves great and is very well built. I have seen some good prices on used QCC’s.

I am sure that there is someone on this site who has one close to you which you could try. I am located in Jacksonville, Fl. If you are anywhere close, you are welcome to try mine!

Good luck finding just the right boat!


Ask you namesake.

Almost all of them
Every kayak manufacturer out there makes boats for your target size, usually more than one.

What characteristics in terms of tracking, manuverability, stability etc do you want?

You and Palmico14 should get together

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Vintage D-50 Guild here.